WCFLoadUI is a utility to perform load test on WSDL based services and rest services.


Load test WCF services on HTTP and TCP protocol
Load test rest services
Functional testing
Distributed testing
Client readiness is not required
UI based editing of complex types
Logs all error in application logs
For distributed testing:

All nodes should be in same network
User running the WCFLoadUI should be admin on all nodes
WMI should be enabled on all nodes and should be added as exception in firewall
Net.tcp listener service should be running on master node
This utility uses InnoSetup to create the installer. If you are only interested in installing this utility, you can do so by installing application using setup in WCFLoadUISetupOutput/setup.exe folder.

I created this utility during my spare time and as of now this utility lacks in a lot of features, which I am working on.

If you would like to contribute, please drop in an email at (lokeshlal [at] gmail.com).

Hopefully someone may find this useful.


Utility assumes that one WSDL contains one and only one service.

Go to https://github.com/lokeshlal/WCFLoadUI

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