PDFjet – Open Source Edition

A library for dynamic generation of PDF documents from C# and VB.NET
Drawing support for:
* Points
* Lines
* Boxes
* Circles
* Bezier Curves
* Polygons
* Stars
* Complex paths and shapes
* Unicode support
* Text kerning when using the Helvetica and Times-Roman families of core fonts
* Embedding hyperlinks
* Support for embedding OpenType and TrueType fonts
* Support for the fonts included with Reader 7.0 and Reader 8.0 installations
Embedding of the following types of images:

High level components:
* Simple to use Table class with flexible reporting capabilities
* Flexible Chart component with support for scatter plots and lines
* TextColumn component with text kerning and justification support
* Support for Code 128 barcodes
* Support for PDF417 2D barcodes

Go to http://pdfjet.com/os/edition.html

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