Clinical Information System – Desktop-Based App

A desktop application designed using the C#.NET 3.5 Framework and MySql database as the backend system. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”Databases”]

Workflow Engine .Net

Workflow process scheme represented as XML (or T4 template generator). Workflow process scheme include: – Verification of the current status – Determine the authority of users – Executing condition script – Timers – Actors (Identities, Roles or Business Rules that can execute commands) – Parameters (That can be temporary or persistent) – Commands – Actions(external […]


Create state machines and lightweight state machine-based workflows directly in C# code. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”Workflow & Rules Engines”]

SRE (Simple Rule Engine)

SRE (Simple Rule Engine) is a lightweight forward chaining inference rule engine for .NET. Its ‘simple’ because of the simplicity in writing and understanding the rules written in XML, but this ‘simple’ engine can solve complex problems. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”Workflow & Rules Engines”]


A simple workflow engine written in .NET that will allow non-coders to create and run workflows (like automatic parsing of emails, call center scripts etc). Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”Workflow & Rules Engines”]

NxBRE .NET Business Rules Engine

NxBRE is the first (timely speaking) open-source rule engine for the .NET platform and a lightweight Business Rules Engine (aka Rule-Based Engine) that offers two different approaches: * the Inference Engine, which is a forward-chaining (data driven) deduction engine and that supports concepts like Facts, Queries and Implications (as defined in RuleML Naf Datalog sub-language) […]


NGinn.BPM is a workflow engine for Microsoft.Net. It employs a process modeling language similar to BPMN in key concepts and a Petri-net based process execution engine. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”Workflow & Rules Engines”]


NetBpm is a .Net Port of JBpm. NetBpm is an open source platform for building, executing and managing workflows. It is very simple to use and integrate in other .Net applications. This Bpm Tool supports the build of Applications which are able to turn business models into executable software models. Business analysts are able to […]


Drools.NET is a Business Rules Engine (BRE) based on Charles Forgy’s Rete algorithm. Developers can now exploit a powerful Rule Engine through a completely managed .NET code base! Drools.NET is based on Jboss Rules, and comes with all the features of that Rules Engine. Core Rules Engine Features Drools.Net 3.0 supports the following features: * […]


Build graphical workflows using out-of-the-box steps. Download our fully-functional and free developer edition and build powerful solutions. Deploy your commercial solutions with the Professional edition. cDevWorkflow has several key advantages over alternative choices: -Easy to implement -Great Support -Powerful Capabilities -.NET -Integrates across applications/platforms (Oracle, SharePoint, JAVA, PHP, and more) -Supports multi-tenant architectures -Company sponsored […]