Welcome to MyXaml – the most extensive open source XAML effort on the planet (not to be confused with Microsoft’s codename–see FAQ). MyXaml offers developers declarative markup capabilities to your .NET 1.1 and 2.0, and ASP.NET applications using a markup language called XAML (pronounced as “Zamel”). This new technology will give developers and end users alike the ability to use an XML-based approach to dynamically define and use the application’s interface.

MyXaml allows developers the opportunity to create user interfaces dynamically with ease. It allows the design team to take advantage of the architectural strengths of XAML. It easily adds scalable, vector graphics and 3rd party controls. And, it gives your users the option to modify the interface dynamically. The XAML can also be secured using encryption and digital signing. Let us fully address the importance of several key points as they will most certainly be of use to your development needs.

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