WPF Extended DataGrid

This is extended version of WPF toolkit DataGrid control. Please note: As code of wpf datatgrid in wpftoolkit is moved inside ExtendedDataGrid project , kindly update Microsoft.Windows.Controls namespace to ExtendedGrid.Microsoft.Windows.Controls to use existing objects. This grid has features like Grouping By Drag and Drop Column Choosers. AutoFilter Control (Now support ICollectionView and DataTale as datasource). […]

WPF Application Framework

Our project includes some controls and solutions to be used such a starter kit to create WPF applications including Xaml Browser Applications – XBAP. This is a beginning project and is provided “AS IS”. We intend to update it constantly. Go to http://www.codeplex.com/appfx Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”WPF”]

WAF WPF Application Framework

The WPF Application Framework (WAF) is a lightweight Framework that helps you to create well structured WPF Applications. It supports you in applying a Layered Architecture and the Model-View-ViewModel (aka Presentation Model) pattern. Go to http://waf.codeplex.com/ Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”WPF”]

Smart Client Software Factory

Architects and developers can quickly incorporate many of the proven practices and patterns of building composite smart client applications. These practices and patterns have been identified during the development of many smart client applications and their components. By using the software factory, architects and developers can focus their efforts on business opportunities and create smart […]


M-V-V-M is a guideline, a pattern that developers can elect to use when authoring WPF applications. I like this pattern because it makes unit testing your application very simple. In fact, John Gossman’s litmus test for M-V-VM is that the application can be run without the UI. I also like this pattern because it is […]