This is a project to build reliable .NET bindings for the Subversion version-control system libraries. This is a continuation of the SubversionSharp library initially created by Softec and released under the LGPL. Even though this is a “fork” of SubversionSharp, I have spoken with the author of that project and we plan to eventually merge […]

SVN Monitor

What is SVN-Monitor? – Perform all your commonly-used svn-actions (update, commit, revert, diff …) – Keep your source up-to-date with minimum conflicts and manual merges – Browse and search the svn log from your computer while offline (disconnected from the svn repository) – Be constantly aware of your local source modifications, without using any Visual […]


Sharpcvslib is a client API for the cvs protocol. It is written in managed c# and present day it provides core functionality for common cvs commands. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”Version Control”]

Sharp SVN

SharpSvn is a binding of the Subversion Client API for .Net 2.0 applications contained within a set of xcopy-deployable dll’s. Notable users of this api are (at this time): – AnkhSVN 2.X – Subversion Support for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 – CollabNet Desktop for Visual Studio – SharpDevelop (#develop) – MonoDevelop – SVN-Monitor – […]

Porc – Project Oriented Revision Control

Porc is both a graphical front-end for CVS and a Project managementtool, and it provides some interesting extra functionality on top ofCVS.It was written in C#, for the .NET Framework. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”Version Control”]


NetCvsLib is a CVS client written entirely in C# for the .NET platform.It is implemented as an assembly, and thus can easily be incorporated into other projects. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”Version Control”]


DotSVN is a .Net port of Subversion. DotSVN will be 100% compatible with the Subversion backend. This will facilitate side-by-side deployment of Subversion and DotSVN which in turn will help in leveraging the ecosystem of existing tools like TortoiseSVN, RapidSVN etc. For instance, this can support scenarios like DotSVN being deployed with read-only access to […]

AnkhSVNA: Subversion addin for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

AnkhSVN is a Visual Studio .NET add in for the Subversion version control system. It allows you to perform the most common versioncontrol operations directly from inside the VS.NET IDE. Not all the functionality provided by SVN is (yet) supported, but the majority of operations that support the daily workflow are implemented. Go to […]