Monosim is a simple application that can be used to read, write, update, delete and backup your sim card contacts. It open and save also some format files to manage your contacts also in a text files. To connect monosim to your smartcard you need use a standard PCSC smartcard reader as towitoko, acs, athena, […]

MONO-TONE (Asterisk + Mono)

Asterisk has been called the Swiss Army Knife of Telephony. One of the things that makes Asterisk so flexible is AGI. AGI stands for the Asterisk Gateway Interface. Basically, it allows you to interface the phone server with any program or programming language that will read STDIN (standard input) and write to STDOUT (standard out). […]

Avesoft Free SMS Suite

This is a software to send free SMS with just a click of a Button. you can also send multiple SMSs at a time,save your contacts and many people can use this single software with maximum privacy(no one can get others contact or sent SMS info)….. Cool right?? Functions:: 1.Send Free SMSs All Over India […]


Asterisk.NET is a C# library that allows .NET applications to interface directly with Asterisk either through the AMI interface or through the FastAGI interface. It can be used to create a wide range of applications including a highlight and dial program where you can simply highlight a phone number and Asterisk will dial it, sending […]