A FREE and innovative MSDE / Sql Server IDE, written in c# using the .NET framework. Go to http://sqlbuddy.sourceforge.net/ Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”SQL Projects”]


SQLAnalyzer is a utility application for developers working with SQL Server. It is a stand-alone windows application that can be used to connect to a SQL Server and analyze various database objects in the server. Features include fast searching, code generation, database comparison, reporting and more. Go to http://www.codeplex.com/sqlanalyzer Other projects in this category: [catlist […]

SQL Server Runner

A GUI application that executes SQL scripts against SQL Servers (7, 2000 and 2005) and comes with a command line version: * Scripts can be executed in a transaction, if one script fails then all modifications are rollback * Enter you server details and indicate which scripts you want to execute, SQL Runner does the […]

SQL Data Auditor

This program is geared toward Microsoft SQL server 2005 or later. It is the ultimate tool you need for data auditing purpose. The 1st release helps cleanup redundant records. Other features are to come in future. Go to http://software.informer.com/search/SQL+Data+auditor Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”SQL Projects”]

SQL 2005 Service Manager

Welcome to the SQL 2005 Service Manager project. SQL 2005 Service Manager is a replacement for the SQL Server Service Manager that came with SQL Server 2000 but is no longer shipped as part of SQL Server. It allows the management and monitoring of all local SQL Server related services from a convenient system tray […]

Poor Mans T-SQL Formatter

Poor Mans T-SQL Formatter is an AGPL-licensed SQL-formatting library written in C#, with supporting/demo projects implementing a command-line bulk SQL file formatter, a SQL-formatting SSMS Add-In, and a formatting web service. Go to http://www.architectshack.com/PoorMansTSqlFormatter.ashx Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”SQL Projects”]


Welcome to the Expressmaint project. This project maintains two utilities for automating the backup and maintenance of databases for SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. They are based on the sqlmaint application that came with SQL Server 2000 but updated for SQL Server 2005. There is a standalone VB.NET console application and a SQL stored procedure, […]

Database Commander

Database Commander is a database manager with user-friendly interface for Windows operation system. Application features: * Connection to any data store accessible via OLE DB * Creating configuration files with connection information * Two view panels with different data sources for copy and move operations * Database operations: copy, mode and delete tables * Foreign […]