is a simple application that can be used to scan an avi file and extract some informations about audio and video data flow: * Video codec used * Frame size * Average video bitrate * File size * Total time * Frame rate * Total frames * Info data * Packet Bitstream * User data […]


A Soundtracker Module music player in C# (100% Managed, without interops) for Windows, Silverlight and XNA Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”Media”]

Facetalk Chat

One-to-One chatting application. Its designed to easily integrate with other web applications. The chat windows appear on the bottom right hand corner of the web pages and can be minimized or closed. The UI supports Jquery UI Themeroller so the design is completely themeable. This is such a common requirement nowadays and we were disappointed […]


Extend.NET is a image editing program supporting the Microsoft .NET framework. Written for performing almost all the image editing function based on raster graphics operations. It supports more than 30 image filters from very basic filters like Brightness, Gamma, Color etc. to very complex filters like Kuwahara Oil Paint, Detail, Partial Gaussian Blur, Auto Adjust, […]


eBooks library organizer (using a tags’ tree). Automatically fetches the book’s details and cover image from the web. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”Media”]