MixERP is a feature-rich and easy-to-use free ERP software for small business. Designed from the ground up, MixERP integrates most of the useful functionalities of an average ERP solution with extra emphasis on simplification of the implementation. MixERP has a guided implementation feature which makes it a piece of cake for you to properly setup […]


EasyERP is the super fast open source ERP/CRM/HRM for small business based on Node.js and MongoDB. Features: – CRM with companies, contacts, sales pipeline – PM, Project, portfolio and resource management with kanban – HRM, human resource management with vacation management, skills & recruiting – Configurable workflows allow to control the life-cycle of all important […]

Tustena CRM

Tustena CRM is an Enterprise-Class Customer Relationship Management server written in C# for the .NET platform with many advanced featureslike Companies/Leads/Contacts Manager, Calendaring, Groupware, EmailMarketing, Reporting, Orders, Catalogs, etc. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”ERP & CRM & SFA”]


To build an desktop application for enterprise, you usually deal with below difficulties: 1. Plug-in architecture 2. Standardize user interface. 3. Localization 4. Generate the Persistent layer 5. Generate user interface for inserting, updating, deletion and searching entities in database. 6. Change the theme of application. (optional) 7. Validate input information from user. 8. Shortcut […]


SplendidCRM was written in C# using the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000. SplendidCRM supports the following features: * Account Relationships * Contact Management * Case Management * Project Management * Lead Tracking * Bug Tracking * Activities and Tasks * Employee Directory Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist […]


SmartDataBees is an database management suite, which could be used for facility management. It is based on a plugin-interface. These plugins supports CAFM, FM, NKF, DOPPIK for example, written in .Net. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”ERP & CRM & SFA”]

red2 lead and contact management

Simple! web based contact and lead management system. .NET development. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”ERP & CRM & SFA”]

PSFGeneric: ERP/CRM business management and administration

Shell terminal, fingerprint, stock, clients, origen of stock controls. STP software (Shell Terminal Point, TPV). Multipoint structure based on MySQL central server. Relational stock, cross internal use of references to produce new stock of any other. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”ERP & CRM & SFA”]


nopCommerce is an open source ecommerce software that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend. nopCommerce is a fully customizable shopping cart. It’s stable and highly usable. From downloads to documentation, offers a comprehensive base of information, resources, and support to the nopCommerce community. nopCommerce is open-source ecommerce solution. It’s stable […]


mSeller is a mobile application for concluding agreements, keeping information about clients and goods. Program is targeting Windows Mobile 5.0 and may be useful for various business fields. Written using C#, .Net Compact Framework 2.0 and SQL Mobile. Go to Other projects in this category: [catlist name=”ERP & CRM & SFA”]